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Catarrhal bulbitis is a more severe stage of the long-term superficial form of bulbitis.
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Superficial bulbitis has two forms - acute and chronic.

With erosive bulbitis, a deeper damage to the tissues of the bulb occurs up to the muscle layer. The most common cause of erosions are Helicobacter pylori in combination with gastritis. Also, erosion can occur due to damage to the glands that produce a secret that neutralizes the acid of gastric juice. Erosive bulbitis is divided into several types depending on the depth of the lesion.

Chronic is characterized by a change in periods of exacerbation and remission.

The acute form is most often infectious.

The chronic form usually proceeds painlessly, the patient experiences only discomfort after eating (feeling of a full stomach).

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Sometimes aching pain can come at night. Severe pain is felt on palpation. With erosive-hemorrhagic bulbitis, an admixture of blood in the feces is possible. With timely adequate treatment of erosion, the prognosis is favorable. In advanced episodes, they lead to the formation of an ulcer.

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During fibrogastroduodenoscopy, small nodular formations - follicles - are visible on the inner surface of the bulb. In this way, the lymphatic vessels located in the wall of the duodenum react to inflammation. The causative agents of infection are parasites - helminths and Giardia. The development of the disease is facilitated by a violation of hygiene, reduced immunity, a history of gastritis and nutritional errors.

Symptoms are characteristic of all types of the disease.

Often occurs in children as a result of not fully treated gastritis. Follicular bulbitis responds well to treatment and has a favorable prognosis. Treatment of bulbitis requires an integrated approach. It usually consists of drug therapy, a strict diet, and traditional methods.


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Depending on the type of tadalafil, different drugs are used:

If stress has become the cause of the disease, sedatives and antidepressants are added to the listed medicines. In rare cases, when conservative treatment does not bring results, they resort to surgical intervention.

Proper diet for bulbitis ensures the success of ED treatment.

In the acute form, the amount of food consumed is limited. Any hot and cold food is excluded. Products that irritate the mucous membrane are categorically contraindicated. Legumes, mushrooms, rich broths, fresh bread, spinach and cabbage are excluded from the diet. Preference is given to easily digestible food.

Any canned food, strong tea and coffee are prohibited. Food should be steamed or baked in the oven without the addition of oil and spices.

It is advisable to serve it to the patient in the form of puree. Rough food that can mechanically injure the mucosa should be avoided. Food should be taken in small portions 7 to 8 times a day. Alcohol, coffee, cocoa, soft drinks, chips are strictly prohibited.

Doctors recommend a combination of cialis pills and home treatments.

Recovery will accelerate the intake of plantain juice with honey. The mixture not only relieves pain and inflammation, but also helps the mucosa to recover quickly. An infusion of chamomile and Icelandic moss has an anti-inflammatory effect. Carnation, tansy and bitter wormwood will help to cope with parasites.


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